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We offer three types ofvending machines:

Any Product Vending

The perfect solution to POS automation, without incurring in rental or personnel expenses. Our tailor made machines allow you to sell any product, increasing brand reach and ROI, reducing additional costs..

No Lines No more waiting in line for your customers, take care of more of them without increasing your current personel / facilities. Maximize rentability per square foot and prevent loss of sales due to long wait times. Place your product at ease of reach for your customers. Suscripciones Para los productos con consumos recurrentes, puedes acercar los productos a tus clientes, para que ellos los retiren en la medida que lo consuman.

Subscriptions Make recurrent sales easier for your customers, prepaid subscriptions give your customers peace of mind that they will always have their favorite products in reach when they need them. No hassle, no wait.

Ecommerce Pickup Place your e-commerce merchandise in reach of your customers. Increase conversion rate by making it easy and free for your customer to pick up. The online purchase decision is directly related to the cost and time of delivery, a Pick Up vending machine, placed in a high traffic location will give your customers peace of mind and will also set you apart from your competitors. You can also set Anything Vending Machines with your top sellers at strategic locations for instant purchase.

Reverse Logistics Make the customer experience 100% online. Your customers will be able to drop off products at your machine to redeem points or discounts. Each space in the machine will be tailored to a specific customer, allowing you to easily identify and assign discounts for their next purchase.

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